Genomic Landscape of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Unveiled in New Study

Analysis of Prostate Tumors Reveals Clues to Cancer’s Aggressiveness
Sequencing finds genetic errors common in metastatic tumors

PSA Rising August 4 2018. A comprehensive genetic analysis of metastatic prostate cancer has, for the first time, revealed a number of major ways in which abnormal alterations of the genome propel this aggressive form of the disease.

Using genetic sequencing, scientists revealed the complete DNA makeup of more than 100 aggressive prostate tumors, pinpointing important genetic errors these deadly tumors have in common. The multicenter study lays the foundation for finding new ways to treat prostate cancer, particularly for the most aggressive forms of the disease.

Genomic hallmarks of metastatic prostate cancer
Genomic Hallmarks and Structural Variation in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. Graphical Abstract, source: Cell

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