Celebrex Before Prostate Surgery Ineffective, Study

NSAID Made No Difference to Cancer Growth

To see whether Celebrex (celecoxib) can reduce prostate cancer size and spread, a team from several leading US cancer centers led by Dr. Alan Partin and Dr. Michael Carducci conducted a randomized, double-blind trial enrolling high-risk men before primary treatment with surgery or radiation. They measured the effect of celecoxib on drug-specific biomarkers from prostate tissue obtained at prostatectomy on these men.

Treatment Delay for Low Risk Prostate Cancer

For Slow Growing Prostate Cancer Delay May be Reasonable, Hopkins Study Finds

Delaying surgery — even for years — for patients with small, low-grade prostate cancer does not appear to increase the risk of the disease progressing to an incurable form, according to a 10-year Johns Hopkins Medicine study. This discovery could prevent over-treatment, the authors say.