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Crystal of the IGF Receptor

Summer 1998

Viagra Viagra - first came medical ingenuity. Now come costs, lawsuits, and physical, sexual and emotional realities.

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Welcome to PSA Rising.  Which of the blue diamonds above will have the greater impact on the lives of prostate cancer patients? Each in its way is astonishing.
    Viagra, as we all know by now, is neither a fountain of youth nor an anti-cancer drug. Yet for some men who have lost erectile function through treatment for prostate cancer, Viagra offers a simple and relatively inexpensive chance of restoring a mechanism of intimacy and happiness.
    The bluegreen object above left is a more radical miracle -- part of how hormones bind to and communicate with the body. The image shows the crystal structure of a vital receptor found on the surface of the body cells of all animals including humans.
    This discovery, reported in July in the journal Nature, increases understanding of mechanisms that cells use to develop and grow. It is one of several advances in knowledge which eventually may make it possible to fix what goes wrong at the cellular level in diseases including prostate cancer.
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Angiogenesis Bright

Dr. Ralph Weichselbaum, MDDr. Ralph Weichselbaum tested radiation plus small amounts of the experimental drug angiostatin. Animal studies look good. Clinical trials are a "logical next step." details
Eat 5 or more fruits a day!

Fructose and Calcium

High fruit intake appears to cut the risk of advanced prostate cancer. Extra calcium may be bad for prostate cancer unless supplemented with Vitamin D.
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Pain Alert
The Lethal Drug Abuse Prevention Act will penalize doctors by denying their right to prescribe certain drugs. Read Letter from a Cancer Patient's Wife and call Congress. On Grassroots
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